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How is Halal slaughtered? Science said

Islam is prohibited from eating forbidden food while ruling lawful food and is commanded to use meat of such animal which has been slaughtered Islamicly.

Non-Muslims use non-forbidden forbidden meat, but by offering examples of fish related to this order of Islam, they also raise questions that how it was slaughtered.

However, now science has answered this question and is surprisingly revealed that you too will be called unbelievable people.

Allah has created everything in the world in a perfect way and with such a matter is also fish. As soon as it comes out of the water, all blood in its body changes its way immediately and starts collecting in the ‘ap glues’ event in the fish mouth.

Shortly after leaving the fish water, one drop of blood in its body is stored in AP glutens and its flesh is pure and lawful.

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The reason is that fish is not needed for slaughtering and during which fish is made meat, ‘ap glues’ are also removed. Not even science concealed behind the order of lawful food of Islam. It has been revealed that non-Muslims are also stuck.

Because when a animal is slaughtered, the contact of the heart and the brain does not end, and the heart stirred out of the animal’s blood vessels and the blood of the blood, and thus its flesh is clean and lawful. Goes away

On the other hand, when a animal is killed through a non-Islamic way, ‘shock’ etc, its heart also stops boring, and thus the body can not get out of the blood.

Scientists believe that blood is the best thing to promote germs and bacteria producing various types of serious diseases. When blood is not removed from the animal’s body, it defects the flesh and when people eat it, they are suffering from many diseases.