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Income tax investigation; FBR summoned Saba Qamar

LAHORE: TheFederal Board of Revenue (FBR) called for an honorable Pakistani actor, Saba Qamar May 16.

According to the details, the FBR issued a notice to a distinguished Pakistani model and actor, Sabaqarmer, on May 16. Sources say that Saba Qamar’s income tax is being audited 15-15-2014. The FBR has summoned Siba Qamar with details of its assets.

FBR has received all the information related to Sita Qamar’s income tax references from the FIA. The FBR says that the data collected by the actor regarding assets of assets does not comply with their original assets.

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Sources say that if actor Saba Qamar is not presented with details of all his assets on May 16, legal action will be taken against them.

It is clear that even before the FBR, acting actor Saba Qamar as tax collector, said that 32 lakhs of rupees are paid on the actor’s income tax in 2016, as well as to the place of Saba Qamar on taxation. Cell was done.