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I have not decided what to wear in Kanz, Mooda Khan’s problem

KARACHI:Famous actor Maheera Khan is very worried and nervous at the International Film Festival for the first time in Kans, even though she has not yet decided who is wearing Salbas in Kanz.

World renowned Pakistani actress Maehra Khan is being participated in the 71th annual International Kans Film Festival international brand Laurence Paris’s brandamberder. Maheera Khan will represent Pakistan for the first time in the International Film Festival and will take action with Bollywood and Hollywood scholars on Kanz’s red cart.

“I have a role model for Pakistani women and I will introduce Pakistani talents worldwide, we are proud that we are always the biggest names,” Laura Managing Director of Lawrence Musharraf, High High, Musharraf High, said in connection with participating in Morda’s Kanz. With concerts. “

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On the first time in Kanz, Maheera Khan is very disturbed and disturbed in the conference. In this regard, during a press conference held in Karachi, Mira spoke to Media Representatives regarding participation in the KZZ and said that she was representing Pakistan in the first time for the first time in Kanz. So many nerves are passionate. He said, “I feel like I am the Pakistani team but I am playing alone.”

The fashion senses and styling of the actress participating in the Kanz are scattered around the world. So everyone knows what Mashra Khan will wear on wearing Kanz’s red carpets, but Maeda says she has not yet decided who will wear a sallabas to participate in the cones. And that’s why they are very upset.

“My intention is to introduce Pakistani talent to introduce worldwide talents worldwide,” said Maeha Khan. Otherwise, people from art, cinema and culture are also given such a chance.

On representing Pakistan for the first time in the International Film Festival, Mooda Khan said that I was not ready for all of them, but I am very cautious about representing Pakistan on the international platform.

My friend added, “My friends are asking me how much pressure on me on Kanz’s red carcass is a lot of stress, I hope people should be happy with me and understand that for the first time I am participating in the Kans Film Festival. .

It is clear that Kadeshna Ranaut, Bollywood actor in the Kansh Film Festival with Maehra Khan, is also participating in Picasa Pidokon, Sonam Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.Mooda Khan will scatter his face on Red Cats May 15.