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Do you know how dangerous it is to prevent snacks?

Patients can spread diseases by coughing or sneezing. But doctors say that preventing the snake completely can prove to be dangerous.Usually, people try to stop sneezing or closing the nose. The same incident came with a 15-year-old healthy man.

This man completely stopped hacking, due to which he did not get out of air mouth or nose. After hacking, this man felt somewhat tired of swelling and throat on his neck. It was also difficult to speak and swallow something.

When the doctors examined, they found that the tremendous tissues of his throat have fallen as a result of the air. This man entered the hospital for seven days because the problem was serious. It was opened by the tube to feed the throat.

Although sneaking in the gym is not satisfactory, but doctors still say that they should stumble as far as possible.

When the person sticks, the wind comes out at a speed of 150 miles. If such pressure of the air is stopped from coming out, it can cause many internal problems.