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Be sure to use this drink in Ramadan

Ramadan has come this summer in summer and people complain about summer thirst. It is often said that during the evening the yogurt is eaten, it is not thirsty all day.

But there are many things besides yogurt that you can not thirst if you skip in the ocean.

If you drink water mixed with milk, you will not be able to thirst all day.

Also, if you use syrup balls in the oceans, you will not get thirsty.

* There is a lot of advantages. It contains five times more calcium than milk.

* It contains seven times more vitamins than oranges.

* It is full of potassium and omega 3.

* Orthritites also gives relief.

* Help improve sleep.

* Protects a variety of cancer.

* Moderates sugar levels in the middle.

* Plays an important role in cleaning the girls.

* Provides more power to the immune system.

The function helps to improve the skin.

Therefore, use seeds in the sandals, because one will not thirst one by one else, all your day will be full of fries and energy.

You can use seed bowls, with milk, add seedlings to a glass of milk and drink it at the time of winter. You can also use this beverage at risk, because this beverage can be very helpful in providing you energy.