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Apple Company is going to introduce three-camera iPhone

The Apple iPhone Year 2018 models have stayed in the market for a few months. However, speculation about the model coming in 2019 has begun before the model market arrived.

The Apple Company, which has its own base in California, is going to introduce at least one mobile phone model in the last half of next year, with triple camera function.

Three cameras simultaneously simultaneously in triple cameras – mobile phones. The 12-megapixel three-way PC lens will be used in this iPhone-based camera. These lenses will have a capacity of 5 times zoom. In addition, its third lens will have 3-fold optical zoom.

It will be the first time in the date of iPhone that its lens has 3-fold optical zoom. Earlier the iPhone models were capable of just 2-fold optical zoom.

This triple camera phone will be related to iPhone’s third generation phones.

Huawei is the only gadget company before the iPhone, which has introduced the world’s first triple camera phone as well as the Toyota Pro.


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