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Add new great features to Gmail sooner than expected

San Francesco:Google has announced the latest news of the news and announcement of new and important changes in Gmail’s design.

Google’s world’s largest search engine has announced thatGmail’s user interface will be made very clear and easy touse, with a few screenshots of the US website posted bythe Wage, Gmail in the new layout. By providing new designsto the sidebar, it includes calendar, noticeable app and other important issues that make e-mail easier, the notice-taking app improves your life as your memory. Will help.

New changes include offline support, smart recovery and troubleshooting fonts for Facebook as well. In this way, you will be able to remember the hours of meeting with people, including a default view in the new interface, which will be displayed in documentaries and pictures. This time Gmail is being set up to see more emails when the calendar is better and effective, these changes will also be available on the Gmail mobile app.

Social Contacts Website Facebook has recently added the option of “snooze button” which is now being included in Gmail, through which you also have frequent annoying emails in your inbox. Can be silent. Such emails will not be visible to you.

Google has also announced three layouts for Gmail, out of which you can choose the layout of your choice, which is the first default view that can be displayed in documents and pictures. Attachments will not be visible in a short-term view when multiple messages in Compact View will appear on the same page.

According to analysts, all options will be made in Gmail by June this year, including ‘Gmail Offline’, which are not given details, but in the first phase, new options will be given to specific accounts. Later it will be common when chrome extensions will still remain.


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