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Waiting for a permanent stay in the night can also be the cause of pre-death death

Illinois:A new research has shown that the risk of premature death in those who wake up late in the night and those who get late in the morning rather than being awakened in the morning.Research on 4 million 33,000 people in the Finnburgh School of Medicine, located at Northwestern University, showed that the risk of pre-cyclists increases by 10 percent. The research published in the Karonblio Journal has also shown that people living daytime may suffer from many physical, mental and mental disorders.

In the survey, people from 38 to 73 years have been reviewed, those who were awake early in the morning, sometimes in the morning, were awakened and distributed in the night or sometimes awake. In the meantime, after observing smoking habit, body mass index, ethnic and regional backgrounds, economic welfare status, and other issues, the risk of death before the people who are awake early in the morning Is the lowest

In addition, diabetic people risk 90% of the risk of brain vitamin and diabetes increase by 30%. These people also suffer from stomach and nervous diseases. On the same hand, doctors have advised that people who sleep late night should always try to control their daily routine routine.

On the other hand, University of Karnataka Prof. Malcolm Sansz has said that the way the health of the people who are suffering from the night will be given a new name or condition. Another expert, Christine Ninton, says that awakening for a long night affects all the routine routines, food is not eaten on time, exercise is discriminated and man also supports drug, which has a negative negative effect on health. Are there

Experts have given this advice on sleep and wake up on time.

Let the light in the morning come in the room that will force you to wake up.

Have a permanent time to go to the bed for the night and do not compromise it.

Keep important matters of life in the early hours of the morning and let the evening stay for rest.