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7 ways to clean lubricating face

We have come to heat the heat, so we need some arrangements to avoid this severe weather.

The most valuable thing in the heat is the face of our face. The reason is that the skin is an apparent part of the skin. We should remember that only gold blocks and upper things are not enough to heat the skin with the effect of sunlight and heat, but sometimes it becomes lubricated on the face in the weather, which disturbed both your mood and skin. .

Today we will tell you a few batteries to clean the face so that you can safeguard yourself and your face in this severe season.

* Use of Wash Wash

To clean the lubricants with your face, you should make your money on a good cash wash and use it twice a day.

The fat in the skin makes small holes on your face, therefore it is important to use the fee wash carefully.

* Use MLR water

MLR water contains oils that have lubricants on your face and your face does not let it dry quickly.

* Bulleting Paper

The bluetooth acid has a gluten acidic acid that helps you eliminate lubrication from your face, use it twice a day.

* Maximum

A clay mask is considered the most useful tool to eliminate lubricants from the face that you should use one day in a week.

* Take care of the specialty

Do not use a diet that contains sugar or greens, but use the food that is full of antioxidants.


If you are addicted to frying slices, be aware that never use the recipe used with steam because it causes the level of lubricant to increase on your face.

* Please refer to the experts

Sometimes it happens that some people’s skin worsens due to disease. In such a way it is very important to show you skin experts. So that your medicines may end up lubricant.