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Now send your name to the sun

Pedestina, California:

 Now you can send your name to the sun through NASA. For this you need to go to NASA’s website and add your name and email address. You will then be sent to your name certificate. NASA has requested the people of the world to include their names.

NASA has named it the sun ticket to provide the public information about this space project and sun. Your name is written in a digital chip in a digital chip and it will be sent to Parker Solar Probe sun. According to NASA, the Parker spacecraft will be launched from the winter this year.

The Parker Solar Probe is the first spacecraft coming from the Earth, going near the sun near the sun and will send it to the end and eventually melting there will end. During that time, he will keep sending sun photos and data. NASA’s science mission directorate said in a statement that the question of Sun in experts’ minds for the last 6 decades, Parker’s spacecraft will try to answer them.

The size of the spacecraft is as a small car that will cover many secrets of the sun. After reaching the sun, it will make its journey at a speed of 430,000 miles per hour. Patrick Hill, Deputy Manager of Parker Solar Mission, said on the other hand, he has received 2 million names worldwide.

The spacecraft is named after a scientist Yugin Parker, who had studied stars and himself on our sun. Parker has four major, innovative and sensitive devices, which will take its detailed and beautiful pictures apart from the sun’s magnetic system, plasma and energy particles. Many of its devices have also developed experts from Applied Physical Laboratories of Jones Hopkins.

The most important thing about the spacecraft is that it has a protective shield of carbon composites, which is a thickness of four and a half inches. Through this space space can bear 2500 Fahrenheit temperatures. By setting a distance of hundreds of kilometers, Parker’s spacecraft will reach Sun in 2025.