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Apple issues warning! Update your iPhone to iOS 17.5 now

In a proactive move to safeguard its users against looming cyber threats, Apple has sounded the alarm, urging iPhone owners to swiftly update their devices to the latest iOS 17.5 version.

The tech titan’s latest software release comes brimming with critical security fixes, addressing a total of 15 vulnerabilities, some deemed particularly severe.

With hackers perpetually honing their craft, Apple’s prompt response is a crucial shield against potential exploits. Although Apple has been discreet regarding the intricate details of the security patches incorporated within iOS 17.5, the overarching message is crystal clear: fortify your iPhone’s defenses promptly.

Among the standout vulnerabilities rectified in iOS 17.5 is a critical flaw nestled within the iPhone’s kernel, ominously labeled as CVE-2024-27818. This loophole had the potential to grant malevolent actors unauthorized access to execute malicious code, posing a palpable threat to users’ sensitive data and device integrity.

Further underlining the significance of the update, Apple’s support page underscores the resolution of another concerning bug, dubbed AppleAVD. This loophole, if exploited, could have facilitated the execution of arbitrary code with Kernel privileges, posing a potent threat to user security, especially during app downloads.

Additionally, the emergence of a Voice Control vulnerability, effectively neutralized by iOS 17.5, represents yet another potential avenue for attackers to exploit. Moreover, the inclusion of a patch addressing a vulnerability within WebKit, the powerhouse behind the Safari browser, marked as CVE-2024-27834, underscores Apple’s comprehensive approach to fortifying user safety across multiple fronts.

Source: SAMAA Web Desk