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Apple unveils iPads with ‘better than TV’ screen ‘slimmer than iPod Nano’

iPad is powerful, portable, and incredibly versatile

Apple has finally unveiled new iPads at a special event – ending a 559-day wait for new models.

The iPhone maker showed off the gadgets at its Let Loose event, with Apple chief Tim Cook calling it the “biggest day for iPad since its introduction.

“There’s no other device like it. iPad is powerful, portable, and incredibly versatile,” Cook told Apple fans during the event.

The new iPad Pro comes in two different screen size variants, 13 inches and 11 inches.

But those screens have received a major upgrade: They’re now OLED panels that can reach 1,000 nits of brightness for HDR content, and 1,600 nits at peak brightness.

By comparison, an iPhone 12 would typically achieve 625 nits of max brightness.

Apple has been using OLED screens on iPhones for years, and now the iPad Pro is finally catching up.

A traditional LED-backlit LCD display uses a backlight to illuminate the pixels that you’re seeing on a screen.

But an OLED panel does away with the backlight because individual pixels can be illuminated on their own – and even totally switched off.

Not only does this introduce battery life savings, but it also means an OLED screen can display true black.

This improves the contrast of the screen (darker blacks and brighter whites) as well as the range of colors on offer.

It should make watching movies on the iPad a much better experience – and be a big boost for anyone doing serious editing work on their devices.

Many TV models still don’t feature OLED displays, and you’ll generally pay a lot more for that kind of television.

So you might find yourself reaching for the iPad over the TV remote to watch that new movie.

Source: Dunya News Web Desk