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Would you like to name the planet for the ninth planet?

Have you ever thought about finding a planet? This work is not such a difficult task as you understand.

Australia’s National University specialists need public support for the discovery of the ninth planets of the solar system.

The planet is believed to be found outside the Pluto’s Orbit. A person who finds a planet out of the pictures posted on a website will be given an opportunity to put his name on himself.

Millions of pictures taken from automatic telescope have been posted on this website, in which the sky of the south half is visible. Such a search for the Northwest sky was NASA by the past month.

National University expert astrologer Brad Tucker hoped that the planet would be visible at the sky less than a planet detected.

He told the BBC that if this planet really exists, it is already available in one of these millions of pictures. We thought we should invite the people to help us find out together. “

Although the explanation will be taken from the discovery of the planet, but the ultimate option is the Global Institute of Astronomy IAO.

“My personal vote is not for the name of the Greek goddess,” said Dr. Tucker. It’s a lot more like that.