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World record of flying together with 1374 drones of different colors

Beijing:China’s company scattered beautiful scenes in different areas with 1374 drones set up a global record, before the record was an American company.

According to the International News Agency, the Chinese company ‘EHANG’ in China’s tourist area of ​​Zian, with the help of lightweight 1374 drones, made the atmosphere fascinating the atmosphere as it is going to scatter the electromagnetic spectrum. These dronees flown a kilometer for 13 minutes, during which the Buddha statue, One Road and One Belt project were created with the help of Third Day Formations. All drones were run through the same operator.

The people at the tourist location appreciated the charming and attractive way to fill the colors with light, using colorful drones as electric lamps. The Chinese company has used its project to use other international exhibitions, such as music, sports opening and closing ceremony etc.


The Chinese company named Yang has already demonstrated 500 and then a dozen drone drones, but at the same time, honoring the most drone strikes was with an American company Intel, which was inaugurated at the Olympics 2018 at the inauguration ceremony of 1200 Drones broke together and set up a global record.


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