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Why do women’s hands more cool than men?

Have you ever considered why women’s hands are more cool than men?

According to the Daily Mail report, the University of Cambridge University Scientist’s research has taken place from the past ‘secrets’.

During this research, researchers asked volunteers to put their hands in cold water for three minutes, resulting in finding that women’s hands are more cool than men’s volume.

Women and children feel cold in the cold weather because their volume is less than men.

According to research, the volume of the hands of the people’s hands was high, their hands were warmer after cooling out of cool water.

This fact also surprised the researchers, because it was believed that fat in cold weather plays the most important role in keeping people’s hands cool.

He said that women and children’s volume is low and they are not less than a challenge to maintain the temperature of this pen in cold weather.

During research, researchers wanted to see the physical temperature and the physical temperature of the structure, especially at the hands of the hands.

Researchers say that we always believed that fat is the most important element for physical temperature, but now it is known that in fact, the files play an important role in this.

He said that the human body is a wonderful system that uses the body to heat the body and keeps the body warm, including hands.