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What kind of hair is the hair of men’s chest related to?

Some people have hair on the chest, while some men’s chest on the chest are very little or not.

Recent research and research by the State Government of Victorian Healthcare Research, according to the research conducted by the researchers on the chest men’s chest, lack of or decrease the amount of endrogen hormones has been reported.

Experts say that androgen is a commonly used name for male hormones, in fact, it is a number of hormones that produce malicious properties in patients and have testosterone and endoroneum significantly.

Researchers say that due to the lack of male sexual sex hormones in men, hair is not possible to grow on specific parts of the body or the number of hair decreases from the expected number. The most significant sexual hormone test decreases the amount of hair on the chest due to lack of autonomy where samples of secondary menus are sampled.

The lack of testerone hormone test by medical experts was given in hypogenesis in scientific science. According to experts, lack of hair or lack of hair on the chest may also be due to genetic problems or some medication usage, so it is not correct to associate this problem with male hormones only.