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The unique way to teach a MS Word of a technology-driven school teacher

Over time, where people need modern technology, the same institutions do not even have the basic amenities of technology that they can decide their future.

The name of a similar institution is ‘Secya Dasas Senior Homes School’ which is located in Ghana. Money in this school of Ghana is so poor that kids can not even have computers at school. But do you think all of these obstacles can prevent humans from learning? not at all.

Rather, the school students have a teacher in computer space teaching them the computer by writing on the computer’s popular software ‘AMS Word’ blackboard.

Yes! To teach MS students to your students, this teacher makes the entire software image blackboard. Recently, Ourora, a teacher posted photos of his capabilities on Facebook, which influenced a lot of people, and in a few minutes the photographs were wrecked.

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In an interview with Oraura, I had to say in an interview that ‘I make the image of MS Word on the blackboard so that my students understand the minimum computer image in mind, and it is my attempt that my The class is over when the student understands. ‘

This good practice of the teacher liked people so that the school started getting donations for laptops, projectors, and other essential things from around the world, as well as the help of children reading school You can.