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The sun is as high as the surface of the sun

A snow that is solid and liquid too. It is more than 60 times higher than normal water and its temperature is as high as the surface of the sun.This wonderful ice is made for the first time in laboratory.

This high-pressure type of ice was believed to exist in the inner parts of the urens and Neptune, but it was ideally present on earth.

Scientists predicted such concrete and liquid ice 30 years ago. Creating this ice is quite complicated.

The crew made the water extremely strong in the cubic crystalline ice. It is commonly different from snow like Ice Cube.

To do this, the scientists put pressure on Crystal Ice using a diamond pressure of £ 2.56 per inch.

It is more than 25,000 times higher than normal earth’s pressure. Then scientists warmly compressed it with laser shakes.

Scientists analyzed the optical and thermo-dynamics features when it became very strong ice.

Scientists had 10 to 20 ninja seconds to do this job. Then the pressure level decreases and the water ends.

Scanners say that the ice melts at 8540 degrees Fahrenheit or 4725 degrees centimeters on a pressure of 2 million pounds per square-inch. This pressure is 20 million times higher than the ground pressure.

“In these planes, frozen water contains thousands of centimeters of temperature and it is very surprising,” said Jean Lausz, the University of California, Berkeley’s Platinum physician.