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The sand is ending from the world?

According to a report published in a journal journal, the sand is ending from the world. This is the most used item for the construction of the world. Its large quantity is provided to the construction industries.

According to International Monetary Funds (IMF), 26 billion tonnes of sand was used to make concrete in the year 2012.

While according to the UN Environmental Program, the total sand in the world is enough to build 27 meters long and 27 meters wide wall around the planet.

The demand for sand in the world is increasing. According to IMF, the production of seminars worldwide has increased three times since 1994.

As the population is growing, more construction is also becoming an important necessity of time. As a result, the cost of sand is also rising.

The process of extracting sand from the earth to acquire sand is often considered illegal. According to the scientific journal, the organized groups of criminals also trade on the sand.

The sand extrusion process has a very negative effect on the environment. According to the UN Environmental Program, the process of sand-erosion affects our environment-making system, reduces the biological system and causes ground harvesting.

In addition, it also affects the economic system that affects tourism and fields of agriculture.

The United Nations Environment Program says it is very important to control the process of sand-fired, reduce the use of sand and use it to reduce its use.