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The rat is 540 kilograms of apples, the police’s standard logic

Buenos Aires: The Argentine Police has blamed mysteriously disappearing 540 kilograms of apple (Marjanaana) from the warehouse.

The Argentine police have claimed a 5-kilograms of drugs from a government warehouse in the northwest of Buenos Aires to rescue eight officers who were shot dead. Former Commissioner of Police told the authorities that missing drugs were not stolen, but the mice in the warehouse have eaten them.

In the statement submitted in the court, former police commissioner Javier Speepia and other police said that the mice have opened the drugs, but French physicians have declared this police claim as ridiculous and said that if the mice had such a large amount of drugs If they had been open, they should surely match their bodies with the warehouse. The court adjourned the trial till May 4 after hearing the statements of the parties.

It is clear that the warehouse of Beyonce Aires was planted 6,000 kg during the last two years, but former Commissioner Javed, Commissioner Emilio Portroro, had 5460 Barges and 540 Kg against the warehouse record (6000 kg) The case of disappearing was filed against 8 personnel including former commissioner.


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