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The possibility of meeting humans and space creatures

In the coming century, a meeting between human beings and creatures was predicted. Famous psychologists Coco have predicted that humans and space creatures may face the coming century. However, Kaku said he could not say that he would be friendly or not.

Coco’s answer to the question of the question of the civilization of humans’s space creatures in City University of New York, he showed the confidence that it was in the coming century during the next century.

According to Professor Coco, in response to radio technology, humans will be able to listen to the immediate space creature because we can hear them, that means they are present.

He further said that the purpose of being able to listen to space creatures is not that we can understand them.

Professor Koko said it was difficult to communicate with space creatures, he said that the creation of thousands of light aerobics is a place on distance, but during this time we can try to invent technology to understand their language.