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XZ2: Sony’s latest flagship phone from the Galaxy

Due to continuous failure in the year 2017, the Japanese company, Sony  Now it has been decided to change.

That’s why its two new flagship phones have been manufactured by Expressia XZT and X-Z to Compact.

It’s already faster and faster equipped with desktops, but the Edge Toge screen still Sony did not introduce.

Sony’s two phone phones are equipped with Snoop Dragon’s 845 processor, which is currently the most powerful processor available for Android phones.

While they also have Forward GB and 64 GB storage, which can be extended to up to 400 GB from micro SD card.

In simpler words XX to speed is Samsung’s Galaxy S nose ticker, whereas the X20 module of chromosomes can increase its download speed to 1.2 gps.

Both phones will work on the Android 8.0 audio operating system, however, there is a difference in display volume.

XZ-to-5.7-inch Full HD Plus HDR display, while X-to-Compact is 5-inch screen phone.

For the first time, wireless charging is also available in Sony’s smartphone, but it has been introduced in X-X, the smaller version is missing.

XZ-TO has been given 3180 mAh battery, this size is low in other phones and wireless charging is not given to this device.

Both phones have been given an Inn Megapixel camera on the back and according to the company, this camera can record not just HDR video, but it will be possible in the resolution of Forward.

This is the first time the feature of shooting 4 HDR videos in a smartphone has been introduced and it has not been submitted to any other phone yet.

Similarly, super-motion motion footage can also be recorded, which is also possible in other Sony phones. But its resolution in these new devices has been enhanced from 720p to full HD.