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The first step on the Moon is to give men a chance to Mars, NASA Engineer

Washington:NASA’s senior female engineer says that the first step on the moon was a man, but now the first human step in Mars should be a female vacuum.

Talking to the International Broadcasting Board of NASA, a senior female member of NASA’s department said that many women in NASA are serving their space space, but still a woman has not been sent to the moon but still sent to the moon. There are dozens of astronomical space men, so now a mission should be selected for a mission sent to Mars.

Female engineer Alison McKarre said that dozens of men have taken a walk on the moon, but now the first human step on Mars should be of some female, there is a large number of women eligible for Nasa, but also a woman at the post of director of my department. Similarly, responsibilities of Division Charge are also being made by a woman, and there are several women space space available in NASA, which can also serve Mars.

He complained that NASA had started adding female space to your team 40 years ago, but none of them has been sent to the moon so far that my organization may also think of man’s dominance. Where women are offered fewer opportunities for moving forward or probably women are not considered capable of sending space blocks to the highest-ever-so-called medieval.

It is clear that women’s space Noor Karen Nebg has been part of an investigation campaign for six months at NASA’s International Space Station, where she also worked with male astronauts, but still not sent a female space stream to the moon. went.

Nausa’s female engineer has suggested the proposal to send female space to Mars to Mars, and she is welcomed by all the circles.