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The first Bartriarchic software manufacturer in Pakistan

KARACHI: The first time in the country, the youth of the first time in the country, developed the Third Directory Project, with the help of Builder and Developers Computer, with the help of Modi D Models, the final look of their projects can be seen.

According to daily Express, the graduate of the University of Private University, Sadeed University, Talwat-ul-Haq Talwat-ul-Mujat-ul-Mujahideen, Maqsood Akbar Khan, developed a thorough deductory project with creativity instead of working with the help of the producers and developers using third-party models With the help of the future, you can see the ultimate and near real shape of your plans, which is named iorena.

Apart from Pakistan, big builders of Middle East and Gulf States are taking deep interest in this project. Basically this is an architectural software that can be built closely with construction projects, but its use has been made to make it easier for the decision makers to have walls on their own mobile phone or computer screen than the Budorodolopers. You can try changing colors and tiles.

This project builder will help simplify the decision for the construction of big home and fund savings and excellent selection, apart from developers. This software was introduced in Pakistan for the first time and before the construction of the DHA Medical Center built in Karachi Super Highway, this project was tested by virtually a lot of millions of thugs.

Thari Darchak Project was featured in the Monumentum Conference held in Karachi Expo Center, which was attended by domestic and foreign experts. The tiles and colors library is being developed to facilitate this facility. Famous companies producing paint and tiles in the country are making their designs and samples part of this library. In the next phase, furniture, crafts, decorative goods, plants and household appliances Will also be added.

In this way, people or Bangladeshi people will be able to see the project on their screen before giving the project realistic. Under this project, a cost of Rs. 5 lakh for the projection of a three-day project is going to be Rs. 3 lakhs, thus 120 people of house construction workers will be able to closely approve the reality before spending 1.5 lakhs.

All major Pakistan producers are taking deep interest in the project, but they want to showcase the scenes very closely, for which further work continues on the project, after which this project is likely to be one of the potentially real estate sectors in Pakistan. Will get an important place