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Symptoms and malaria symptoms of malaria

Malaria is a dangerous disease. This disease is related to mosquito bites.If it is not treated at the same time, it can also be known as illness, the mosquito named Anoflies is responsible for spreading this disease.Malaria is caused by a type of parasite, which is called plasmodium.Plasmodium is currently included in the blood of the person at which time the mosquito bites.

After joining the blood, the number of this photographed increases. His appearance is a liver of humans. After growing in liver it again gets involved in blood and ends blood cells. Between 24 to 48 hours, pharmaceutical cells begin to explode. As long as medication and treatment does not start treatment, the process of spreading the phosphorus continues.

A mosquitoes who are suffering from malaria can cut a malaria person if it is ill in the mosquitoes. Cutting other humans in this way moves it into them. Malaria disease can not be transmitted directly from one person to another. However, during the pregnancy, this disease can be transferred to the child by the affected mother. In addition, it can only be transmitted from the blood cells or used surgeons to other humans.

Generally found in hot areas and hot countries. There are a total of 100 types of this paragraph, but can affect only five types of humans. Malaria exposure to different types of pharmaceuticals may vary. Two types of these types are the most dangerous. The first type of plasmodium falciparum is found in Africa only and may also die. The second type is plasmodyme vaccine which can remain in the liver for three years. This causes malaria attack over and over again.

Symptoms of malaria

Symptoms of malaria are commonly known as symptoms of cold. These symptoms include sharp fever, cold stomach, headache, throat and sweat.

The symptoms of malaria generally appear after 18 days after mosquito bites. The appearance of symptoms depends on the type of plasmodim.Symptoms of other types of plasmodim infections take time to appear.Sometimes it may take a year too. In addition, these symptoms may vary due to different parasites.

Malaria disease can be two types. They have a complicated and uncomfortable disease. If the diagnosis symptoms occur before it appears, it is a complicated disease. Due to symptoms like low blood pressure, there is often a delay in the diagnosis of disease due to which the disease leads towards complexity. In this, important body organs leave working. Here are the symptoms that appear.

Acne fever and cold strain, system respiratory / respiratory problems, semi cough or cough, blood release, diarrhea, physical pain, irritation.

Protective from malaria

Treatment is very simple and simple through medicines. If the diagnosis of the disease is done quickly, this treatment can be very effective. Its diagnosis improves through blood tests. Treatment of malaria is to end the plasmodium from the patient’s blood. Malaria approved by Europe in Europe is Dysab.

However, security measures are always necessary. Do not leave water open anywhere and keep the body properly covered. Always use mosquitoes and mosquitoes. Use the doors to open the doors and keep your house cool.