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Robotic legs moving from the waves of thought

Scientists have developed robotic legs that can only be driven through thinking waves, if the plan becomes viable, revolution will be in the world of health.

You will have seen Terminal series movies. In these films, Wilen was human beings or machine makers. Such creatures that are half-human and half-machine are called terminal “Sie Borg”.

It is obvious that these creatures are not naturally found, but science is moving towards rapidly transforming humans into a siege bargain. Soon people will look normal, automated machines whose body will be part of, and they will be controlling them with just waves or ideas.

A company has made robotic legs that can only be driven through thinking waves. Robotics and computer technology: The car is made by these legs synthetic-aided Japanese company Cyber ​​Wine. This company is developing a modern artificial heritage for a period of time, called Hybrid Assistive Limb (Hall).

These legs, which are taken from the waves of thinking, have been made keeping patients suffering due to stroke, accident, stomach injury, or any other reason for moving legs. By wearing this whole system consisting of robotic legs, a person who is a poor or infected person stands out because it has been supported by the waist.

This whole system consists of modern devices, sensors and artificial intelligence technology (artificial intelligence). This machine feels biochemical signals or electromagnetic exit from the body, body deposits or cells and cells of cells. After de-coding these signals, it works according to them.

EEG is also a machine that feels brain disorders, but it seems to be the ‘robot suite’ of brain-minded thoughts and takes action. They aim for robots or suits. Stroke and disabilities have to make sense that they are not less than ordinary humans and can move their legs on their own.

Recently, US agencies have contracted a Japanese company to buy robots suits. This suit is being tried in America’s Brooks Cybernik Treatment Center on these days.Dr. Geneva Tonozzi, a medical director of the center, says that a good idea of ​​this system is that patients can use them in their own way, such as our minds are prepared to act according to their minds as it is created in mind. Wear intentionally, this way the robot suits the suit. More importantly, the robot suite helps patients recover.

Initially, according to Dr. Geneva, it provides complete support to contraceptive legs, in fact, the patient is completely involved with them. Then the support of the robot suit is reduced as the patient’s legs and dead muscles begin to grow. After all, a time will come when the patient will completely recover from the robot suit and this is the purpose of this robotic system.