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Plastic-made home, amazing use of used plastic

Plastic is an integral part of our lives. The main reason is that plastic is the most commonly used thing and it is also amazingly durable. This plastic is thrown twice after using. This useless plastic affects our ecosystem badly.

But that plastic can be very useful for its durability.

The plastic used in the United States State of Mexico is being used in a very useful way. 44% of the population is suffering from poverty in Mexico and can not afford to make or rent a home.

In such a way, people are placing plastic at home and making it home. The area of ​​these houses is between 430 to 460 square feet. A plastic-made house takes only 7 days to complete construction and is extremely cheap.

Construction of a home is only two tonnes of recycled plastic use. Plastic durability can remain for centuries, so these homes also have the ability to stay safe from seasonal effects.

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The reason for environmental pollution in Pakistan is objects of orthopedic plastic. Apart from this, the housing prices are visible to the sky. In order to make a low price and durable home, we also need to use the same plastic as used.

Thus, prevention of environmental pollution and displacement of displaced households can be processed as well.