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It’s easy to use email from this new Google app now

The aggressive effort to introduce a lightweight version of the Google Gmail app in an increasing market is showing that all Android users can be used. Google has also released the most downloaded mail version of the most recently downloaded app on the last few months. Yes! Gmail version can now be downloaded from play stores, yet this app has been introduced in some countries so far.

Gmail is a lightweight but fast-moving app from Gmail that can run in a low-budget smartphone. Google says it is built for a low budget Android phone like 512 MB, which can also run on the ‘2G’ network.

Apart from this, it will not be understood that if this app is running on a low-budget Android phone, its features will be less than the Gmail app. Not only this app, you can get more than 15 GB storage on multiple accounts through this app, and you can also read your e-mail offline.

However you will not be able to see the image sent in Gmail automatically, but you will need to click on the image to view this photo. It is clear that this app is slowly introduced in separate areas.