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Introducing a unique feature for stores by Instagram

Instagram introduced a new feature ‘Focus’ mode for its stores. Using this mode, users can fade the background while focusing on their face.This mode is considered to be a very popular feature in today’s smartphones and people want their image to be pulled away.

This focus mode is available on iOS device, which includes iPhone X and other smartphones from the iPhone 6S series.

To use this feature, you must update the app league version of your install on your smartphone or iOS.

To use this feature on Instagram stores, you will first have to open Instagram stores, which will show a new opener between ‘Supper Zoom’ and ‘Revised’ from other features, which you will be named Focus. Can see

After clicking on this feature, you will press the thumb on your face while taking a cell phone, after which they will match your thumb to the focus and rest the background.

If you want to focus on cell phone space, the same way will be used for this.

The interesting thing about this feature is that it can focus on not only in pictures but also in the video.