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Impact on mobile health of the cell phone

How to make use of mobile phone and human health of its base station, it is an asphalt which has been taken seriously by the World Health Organization. The use of mobile phones and its minority can also cause a major complication for human health of adverse effects on human health.

The frequency of the radio frequency of the mobile phone has a bearing on thousands of times the base station and its potential for negative effects on human health. Therefore, research was conducted in which cancer, health effects, electromagnetic interfaces, and traffic accidents were reviewed.

Cancer Opportunities

Research on mobile frequency radios and brain cancer has shown that there may be some kind of cancer near the mobile phone or its base station.

Its effects on human mind

According to scientists, the use of mobile phones also impacts human minds, which includes sleep balance, mind activity and response time. However, these effects are so lightweight, even obvious damage to the health of their health can not be found.

Electromagnetic interference

When mobile is used near a medical device, it is most likely that electromagnetic interruptions prevented its work. Even though there are some devices installed in some planes that can control the power of the phone lightning.

Increase traffic accidents

The use of mobile phones has led to the increase in traffic accidents and especially when mobile phones are being used during driving.