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An eye creature that ties the children with itself

Scientists have found a bird of 43 million years old, without an eye and many legs that marched their children as a kite.

This is an amazing discovery that never happened before the world of living. Scientists have named the Knight Runner on the past of the past, while its scientific name is Aquilonifer spinosus.

The ten capsules associated with this living creature, which actually passed through the different religions of the children of Joshua.

According to a report published in the PNAS Journal, this creature of many legs and one cm without an eye is directly linked to any living creature. The ancient science museum of Oxford University, David Vigil of ancient knowledge biologist, It is said that there is no such living thing related to this day.

So we see it as the primary generation. We can say that it belongs to the family who was born and then developed by evolutionary mediation before the modern group was ready.

Focus of this strange worm called White Runner was found by experts from Heatherfordshire, British territory. Then it was computerized by bringing Oxford. In this work, the sample is seen in a fold, and the picture of each picture is taken so that one third of its icons can be prepared.

After this phase, he saw such creatures on his computer screen that touched his children himself. No such creature is found in today’s world.