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Identify missing passengers in a few seconds on the airport

Passengers have been identified in a few seconds now due to the delay of flight by losing on large and busy airports or due to any reason.

If a passenger is engaged in duty-free shops, friends from the airport, or someone has been left away from their family and because of this, the flight is delayed to fly, these problems are not in minutes but in seconds. The solution will now be resolved because face-shaped system is now developed which will help passengers find in seconds for a few seconds.

Initially, for the last six years, Singapore’s Turtles Airport, which has honored the world’s best airport, has decided to use this technology. Under this system, a lost or delayed person will be identified within two seconds of about two billion people’s data, and the person mentioned automatically will face the face of a large screen.

The face recognition will record the face of each person coming through the cameras on the system airport and provide them with details from the database in seconds.


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