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How to charge smartphone twice

The current era is smartphone away. Everyone has a smartphone. The busy life and its increasing use does not allow charging for more time.So is there any way that can make a smartphone charge more in less time?

Yes! It’s all right First, put your phone on the airplane mode, this will turn off all of your applications. WiFi signals and blue tooth devices will also be disconnected. All these things spend more battery.

Then take a iPad or Tablet Wall Charger. It reaches your phone more power per second emperor per second than the other charger.

Computer USB 2.0 port is available for iPhone, iPhone charger 1.0 emails, while Tablet Charger 2.1 empire power. Tablet Charger will charge 10% battery in five minutes, while some common charger charges only 3 or 5% battery in 5 minutes.

If you charge 100 percent of your phone number, you will be about to spend an hour. But it depends on how old your phone is and how much you care about your battery.