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Get rid of stomach and waist fat sitting on the chair

We have to do so much to get physical beauty. Everything is going to take care of food from gym. But sometimes we dare it to work hard.However exercising and taking care of food are essential components.

We will tell you some exercises that are very easy and do not ask for too much work. These exercises sitting in front of your office or TV can help you reduce uncomfortable fat from the waist and stomach. You just have to sit and sit on a chair.

Warm up

This will cause muscle flexibility and energy in the body. This exercise will increase the duration of exercise and help it.

* Sit on the chair and place your hand on your knees

After this, the waist bucket should be back in the back so that the waist should be broken by the chair of the chair. But take care that you do not have weight but on the stomach

* Then come back straight to your place

* Make this process ten to twelve times

Bend back

This exercise creates flexibility in the waist muscles and fixes fat from them.

* Sit in the exercise as well as sit on the chair side

* Take your hand and put it behind the head

* Put the legs in the same place on the ground, turn your body to the right right, then turn it on the left

* After turning on both sides, hold three three seconds and do this ten times

Bend forward

This exercise is for stomach muscles and also determines unnecessary fat on the stomach.

* Put the hands behind your head and get the fingers stuck together

* Slip down slowly and then straighten up

* Repeat this action fifteen times

Turning the ball

This exercise is also for stomach, lips and waist muscles.

* Sit comfortably on a chair

* Turn one leg to the chest and tie your hand around thirty seconds around it

* Then come back to the starting point and repeat it with another leg

* Repeat this action fifteen fifteen times on both legs

Straight legs

Legs take a lot of steps to reduce stomach fat.

* Sit on a chair and mix both legs together

* Then turn the legs to the chest and stay in the same condition for three seconds

* Keep the legs straight and keep them in the air for three seconds

* Repeat this process ten times and keep in mind that the feet do not touch the ground

Rotate the legs

* Sit on a chair and turn the gauge to the chest

* Then stay in the same position and start walking around the clock clock

* Repeat ten times in the other way ten times after rotating ten times


Muscle muscles are also very important to reduce waist and stomach fat.

* Sit on a chair and hold the chair with both hands

* Raise the legs and then place a leg above the other leg in the form of a knife

* Turn this process aside for a minute

Some important things

Any way to reduce weight and to scan the body, it is very important to have food. If you exercise and do not care about diet, the results will not be achieved. Eating food, eating time, and not eating properly, always affects your health and appearance. Therefore, adjust your diet according to your age, gender and life-cycle.