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Find out the treasures of every person 100 boss owner

Scientists have discovered a treasure in space that can be owned by every person living in the world $ 100 billion (about Rs 100 crore).

According to the Daily Star Report, this treasure is based on a series of planets between Mars and Jupiter.

NASA Scientists say that these planets have huge amounts of gold, iron and nickel, which will cost more than $ 700 worth of dollars. If you apply 20 zero with this, then this amount will be made.

A space scientist told Daily A Star that “the mining work on earthquakes is being started to begin, which will rise to rise in the next decade”.

The company named DeepSpace Industries is working to plan treasures from planets. This private company headquarter is located in the business park in NASA, California.

However, when the company will be able to extract the treasures on these recent discovery planets, nothing can be said yet, but if we succeed in getting these treasures, where the world economy Will arrive.