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Drainage of seeds and acne in a few minutes from garlic

Garlic is generally found in our own kitchen, because it is usually used in foods. But there are many medical benefits that are used to treat hair loss, preventive stress and other control, including control of weight.

Very few people know that the nail and face of the facial can also be done by garlic. If garlic is rubbed on the face in a particular way, it ends the nail on the face.

Medical experts say garlic contains anti-sipphic, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties, and these features help eliminate the nail-ulcer available on the face.

Take the garlic juice for the face of nail and the end of the menstruation, and start stirring it on your stomach, but before applying a few pieces before applying it, so that the juice present in it is available during the face, but it can be used on the face. After few seconds, if seen, these buds and nails will end up with a face in a few seconds.

However, if the grains available on the face are larger, then rub garlic juice on the relevant part before sleeping at night and then will wake up in the morning and then dust will disappear from the old face.