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Do not leave these 9 episodes related to phone battery

People have started thinking about smartphones, who tell each other when it comes to time. Most of these things are done on a smartphone battery. However, the Earth’s difference would be the difference between the thinking and reality.

Similarly, today we will tell about a few false lies about the phone battery we have been convinced for a long time.

* Note: Do not charge phone calls throughout the night

Reality: With Smart Technology, the phone does not charge anymore if your phone gets full charge once. That’s why there is no risk that you need to charge your phone all night at the time of need.

* Note: Your phone is safe on the publication port.

Really: It’s very dangerous to charge the phone on a public port. In such places your personal information in the phone can be transmitted to people, not people do not realize that.

* Incidentally: To use a new phone, it must first be fully charged.

Reality: When you take a phone, it already has such power that it is not necessary to charge a full charge. You can also use your new phone without charging an iPhone.

* Wrong idea: Unless the phone’s battery is over, it should not be charged.

Really: It’s better to charge the battery before it’s completely overloaded, but charging the phone’s battery completely and charging.

* Incorrect idea: The battery does not end up with an app in the phone.

Reality: An app present in your smartphone can also finish the full battery of your phone. Yes! There are many apps available in your phone that are using the phone processor, whether you are using it or not.

* Incidentally: Turning off the phone does not affect the battery.

Reality: The battery of your phone can be saved by closing the phone after a while. Many people forget to stop using all the phone’s phone calls after which the phone’s battery stays continuously.

* Wrong idea: The phone should not touch the phone while charging.

Reality: You can take calls while charging the phone and use apps too. The only difference is that if you use an app while charging the phone, the phone will charge a lot, besides charging the phone, there is no risk to use it.

* Incorrect idea: Chargers of other brands can be used to charge the phone so that money can be saved.

Reality: Charger of other brands can harm your phone’s battery. Cheap Chargers do not have the power that can provide specific voltage to a specific brand’s phone, and that’s why you leave the phone to work in the cold.

* Incorrect idea: The phone’s battery expires due to Wi-Fi finding

Reality: Searching WiFi uses a lot of battery, but this process only leads to a small part of the phone battery that you do not even see. Due to the Wi-Fi surgeon the phone’s battery is not lost.