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Damages the brain (ICU) Extreme care ward

US medical researchers say that patients with anxiety care unit ( ICU ) in some hospital patients have slowly created mental defects.

According to research, mental health of patients entering the hospital’s most caring area is increasingly worse. The negative effects on their feelings and sensitivity are similar to the same as the damage to the patient’s mind after the tramatic branine or brain injury.

After such a special visit, a long-term care record has been recorded in recruitment patients.

The research report about this is published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Professor Weiss Eli, a senior author of this study review, is quite common.This condition is called Delirium Syndrome. It is found in the quarter of three patients registered in the ICC or extremely caring area.

According to Dr. Eli, the trauma of such patients becomes due to their mental condition which has no relation with the fact.

Such patients suffer from at least one year of birth, illness, distress, misconception, or anxiety problem.