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How many thousand words pay a woman in a day? And why

How many thousands of words pay a woman in a woman’s day or why she talked more about men’s wear. So that’s why it is said. And because of this, they have the presence of the protein named Fox-To-do.

It is claimed that a woman plays twenty thousand words a day, which is more than a thousand people.

However, scientists now know the reason. A research has claimed that there is more talk due to the presence of protein in women’s brain.

According to American scientists, Fox-to-be-protein language is known as protein and it is also called as a talk.

Scientists tested on the mice in which they separated the newborn rat’s children from their mother and noted how often they call it.

During this period, nutritious mice extract doubled voices in the nutritious nutritious mice. During the mice test, it came to pass that in the brain nerve brain cells, protein called dagen is a toxic protein.

University of Maryland also tested ten children and children on this. In the experience it came to know that children have a protein called 30% of the toxic proteins.

Researcher Margaret Mac Carthy said in a statement, “The observation has come to know that there is more quantity of protein called Fox ToP and women, and these proteins are more talked about in this kind of sex.”