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Confession of failure, great feature of Facebook was over

The Social Media Website Facebook has acknowledged that experience of two news feeds could not succeed in the form of an explorer. The Explorer feeds contain brands, publishers, and other content content.

According to the Tech Radar report, the company has announced that this experience is being erased now, as the results have proved negative.

Facebook Newsfeed head Adamam Mousriery said in a blog post, ‘You have responded to us and that’s why people do not want two separate news feeds, during the survey, they told us that they are not satisfied with this experience. There is no help in getting them separated from their friends and relatives.

It is believed that the company’s newsfeed, which is the spirit of the Facebook Platform, has made major changes, due to the US presidential election fraudulent news dispute, Russian advertisements and other factors in 2016.

Now Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has made his mission to prove this social media network good for the world, and he says, “Now our attention to Newsfeed will be on the posts of customers’ friends and family members. While newsstore and viral videos will be less visible.

According to the company’s newsstorees, users will also be preferred to those who will be considered reliable by the consumers.

The company has said that changes in recent years will prove to be better than the expedited experience of the Expert Feed. Experial Feed Experience, which was done in six countries, was criticized by publishers, because their web traffic sky From the ground