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Close Twitter account to encourage terrorists

Washington: The Micro Blogging Website Twitter has banned accounts of 2 million 70,000 users who encourage terrorism.

According to the International News Agency, the Social Contact Website Twitter has revealed in its recent Transparency Report that accounts of extremist content and hate-tapping accounts have been locked in the last 6 months of last year, to those accounts Is used to promote terrorism.

The Twitter administration has said that after years of work, we have made our website an unwanted website for terrorists, which no extremist person can use to promote their extremist views and terrorism, and we What sort of terrorist launch accounts was started from 2015?

UK chief Nick Peakle said that self-developed technology was used to remove more than two million accounts, which is subject to Twitter policy, allowing anyone to spread terrorism on Twitter. Will not be given

He added that 75 percent of the accounts were closed after the first break, while 93 percent of the accounts were identified by Twitter under its automated system when only 0.2 percent accounts were closed on the complaint of the police. 


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