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Cheapest home-made home built in just one day

Do you want your home to be built in just a day and its price is also appropriate? If the answer is yes, know that it is possible now.

Today, where Thary D printing is being made up to physical organs, they are now becoming home too. The video shown below is made in just a day, with home-based home printing. While its cost of construction is only 10134 rupees – about 1.5 million Pakistani rupees.

This is a big jump in the world of affordable construction. The Third D Printing Company Apis Cor made this home a mobile printer, which is the world’s first-ever dated home.

The company claims that this house can stand up for 175 years and can even lake the most severe weather. This home texture has been printed concrete.While window, door and fresh paint change its map only.

Four rooms in this house are available with water and electricity. The company says this model is the first step in cheap and quick construction homes, but it has also shown the hope to use it throughout the world.


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