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Apple and Samsung have to give an unknown smartphone company

Smartphone companies make changes to their phones to stay fit on a regular basis. But recent changes are not coming from big companies such as Apple and Samsung.

In contrast to these big companies, an unknown Chinese smartphone company named Vioo is going to be seen by everyone in the smartphone world this year. And this company is really in front of such exciting innovations that are rarely seen by big companies.

In Consumer Electronic Shows 2018, Vivo presented the first phone display displaying a fingerprint sensor below. Displaying sensor here makes the user easier to lock the phone.

WAVO introduced the introduction of its Epix Flightview in the Mobile World Congress 2018. It was under a large finger print sensor display. This innovation keeps the front problem fingerprinted under the screen to lock the main problem of front-finger fingerprint scanners Problem solvedAccording to the new features of the Violet, you keep between your thumb display, which is more comfortable and its sensing is larger than the Aranarimmal scanner, so you will not have to keep the thumb just now.