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8 ways to finish all kinds of marks quickly

Fiber tissues or skeleton tissue in the body help naturally eliminate the wound. Going to a deep wound marks it takes a long time and has to work patiently and patiently. But there are some ways in which the wound filling can be done. Thus the wound will be better and light.

Elvira Gel

Ella Vera’s pulp is known for problems related to centuries. Its antipactic features eliminate discomfort and irritation on the injured skin. Massage up the El Salvador prison for two minutes on a wound twice a day and then drain it with water.


The use of a silicone bungeon or silicone gel on the wound makes the skin soft and smooth. The moisture remains moisturized in the skin and the germs are not even attacked by the wound. Two weeks after the wound is filled, silicone bandage can be used. Silicone prison can be used twice a day.

Different types of oils

The essential oil for the skin has anti-sipphic and wound filling properties.Oil of lime wood, lavender, coconut, and olive oil help skin skin. Skin-affected skin starts becoming re-emergent and symptoms make a clear difference.


Veselin is an effective and reliable solution compared to different creams for wounds. By taking 3 vials in a day for three to three weeks, the skin will remain as soon as possible. The skin of the wound will smooth and dry.


Another good and low cost solution for the wounds is a massage. It is effective for fasting and smoothening the massage wound from the lotion lotion. Massage two to three times a day helps eliminate the tissues of the skin in the wound and add internal tissues.

Gold screen or sun block

Always keep the wounded skin and the marks from the hazardous sunshine.These fields slowly reduce the wound filling and help create pagans in a hurry. Creation of pensions increases the color of the wound further. So always use a good gold block.

Apple vinegar and honey

The apple vinegar and honey insulin is considered effective for wounds due to its bactericular properties. If there is a clear difference in the old signs of grain and acne, honey should be placed in the apple circle.

Vitamins c

Vitamins C Skin and flexibility in the skin. Doctors recommend both vitamin C drinks or creams to solve the symptoms.