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7 home remedies of rear bulls

Presence of epidermoid systems, back to the ear, is relatively common in people. This nausea is not painful and it does not usually require treatment.

However, when people appear to be visible or infected, people choose to exit them. Although there are more facilities to end it, yet most people try to end it naturally.

: Home remedies ear ear

Luckily back-to-back treatment is possible by ordinary items in the home. See these methods for easy bacterial treatment.

Apple Sider Regenerator

Apple Sider helps fight against actic acid systems (backbone) in the vigil. They help to kill germs and eliminate infections. This vigilant is placed on the part of the daily affected skin and then the wound will be filled within a week and will become healthy as before.

Evelyn Vera

From time to time, Elo Vera is used to relieve skin diseases and skin. Elo Vera can be pointed out on it or to get results faster, the elite vera can be encouraged to erupted.


The use of cloak for ending the knee is a great choice. Tea bag packed in milk at night should be put on a knee and let it be kept in the morning. Consumption will result in quicker results.


Honey, weight loss and banana paste helps to eliminate the back. Cover the paste on the skin with a cloth and cover the process for a few weeks.

Gul Qassedi (Dlandel)

A dyeing spoon can help the flower-borne and violet-colored infections to fight. Cook both flowers for 45 minutes in boiling water and cool after scrutiny. Drink four times a day for ten days. Apart from this, it can be applied on a knee.

Salty salt

Take semi-hot water in the bathroom and mix it with good salt and do not drink it. Sparing inflammation and pain will clearly reduce.

Orange oil (castor oil)

Heat the orange oil on the back and skim with hot clothes or hot water.