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Unique glasses of blind-looking travelers who feel outside the car

Washington:Ford is producing a “Smart Windows” for its carrier-based company, with which the blind people will enjoy the scenes outside of the car.

According to the BBC, the Ford Car has developed wind windows and windows for blind people who have full potential to visualize the scenes. The blind people living in the car can touch these windows by observing the scenes, in a similar way, a specific book for such blind people can be written on the ‘Braille’ with fingers’ fingers.

The company used LED Lights Censors to really feature the feature ‘Feel Scene’ through which it makes it easy to feel images of high-resolution. The blind passengers can touch the display and feel the scenes and make their journey pleasant and memorable.

The company has also helped with the Windows display for its technology as well as an auxiliary sound feature that will help in recognizing scenes outside of the vehicle via artificial intelligence. For example, when a blind woman was feeling a hill on the window display, at the same time the female was told by a voice that it is a snow-covered hill.

Long journey for blind people is a tremendous and tremendous experience, but with the help of this new technology, the blind people will feel beautiful scenes during the journey.