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The plants also talk “talk” together

Stockholm:Scientists have discovered that the plants talk together, but their mutual interaction does not mean unusual, but through this they not only recognize each other but also help in development.

Experts in fresh research have discovered that the plants exclude certain chemicals from their roots that are near to them, reach the other plants and identify them and tell them that the plants that grow in their neighborhood Is similar to or different from Additionally, if the plants are of the same kind, they exchange each other in the development of chemical matter.

It is not the first time that experts have presented a “chemical conversation” between the plants. Years ago, it has come to know that mushrooms (MOMOM) improve their growth by transforming chemicals into a underground network, and sometimes the roots of the roots in a small palm spread to a square mile or even more area. The wind has been seen.

However, this new discovery has been in front of corn and it has come to know that there is also similar underground messaging system in corn crops.

Interestingly, if the corn plants are placed more often than each other, as a result of chemical messaging, every plant of corn grows so that its leaves cover more areas and become bigger.

On the contrary, if plants are placed close, corn crops grow more than the width, and in such a way the better growth of these plants continues to be lower.

This research was conducted under the Swedish University of Environmental Sciences, headed by Welemer Ninovich, which has been published in the latest issue of the online research journal “Public Library of Science One” (PLOS One).

Ninovich has to say that this research proves that there is largely dependent on underground relation (chemical exchange) depending on the changes in plants (during the development). However, he also clarifies that the recent research is of the initial nature, which will require more studies to make use of agriculture in the field of agriculture.