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Naturally and cereal nails in carbide

What is Carbide End? It is a chemical that is mixed in water, it exhaust gas. If a bananas get a chemical, then the gas gets nailed and the bananas are cooked.

In many countries, this chemical is banned, while in many countries it is illegal. Many traders using this chemical did not know what amount of chemicals they should use. That’s why they use it in large quantities and many chemicals and vegetables include chemicals.

The use of cooked fruits and vegetables from the chemical causes the distortion of our system, as well as diseases like chronic pain, stomach pain, throat in the throat, ulcer, and tumor.

Therefore, it is very important to recognize nails from carbohydrates. If the banana is cooked naturally, its upper part is black and the banana’s color becomes dark yellow, and there are also a lot of black spots on the bananas.

But if cooked using bananas to cook bananas, the upper part is beaten and banana’s color is like lime color, not only, but there are also no spots on the nail, with which bananas We look good and we always choose them.

Always keep naturally cooked and synthetic nailed this nail of consciousness always when buying banana. So that you can avoid this chemical and its losses.