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Self-killing for the desire to upload the brain to the computer

A 32-year-old young man from Silicone Valley has paid a huge amount of money to kill himself.

They believe that human brain will be used as a computer in their lives.

Net work company has claimed that it can save human brain and put it in computer. By using human brain in the computer, human life can be provided as a lifetime. But man’s death is necessary in that process.

Sam Altman has paid $ 10,000 for this company to save his mind.Surprisingly, he actually paid himself to kill himself. In this work, he is not alone but twenty four others who have paid for the death.

The Net Protect of a Company’s Molecule can preserve the human body for thousands of years. In this way, scientists will be able to access the preserved brain in the form of computer in the future.

The process of living must be the brain. Therefore, the solvent must be delivered to the living body. This person will also die in this way. However, this procedure is treated with the recommended procedure of the doctor.

Medically suggested suicide is valid in the five states of America. Net work company has got a large majority of permission for research. This company is working with a renowned Neuro Scientist.

It has already saved a animal’s brain. And it can be seen by microscopes in pointing to the brain. However, this is a great scientific breakthrough that has even given the same $ 1,000-dollar reward.

This company’s facility is currently not sold for humans. There is no evidence of whether this process will really restore the brain performance.

However, many people including Siem Alt have registered their name in the future of this company’s list. Whenever this process is possible and legally valid, these people will be able to qualify for it.