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How to strengthen immune system in fifteen seconds

According to doctors, human immune system is weak in nausea and fluid, during this period of the disease or any type of injury can last longer. It is important that you strengthen your immune system.

In this regard, a well-known Russian doctor, Sergei Babukovi, described the very easy and efficient way of strengthening the immune system.

According to Dr. Babukovski, your immune system will be strengthened if you keep your legs cold in water for 10 to 15 seconds daily to deal with problems and problems.

For this you only need to fill the ice in a vessel and make the maximum snow in the house and sit on your feet. Repeat this way daily. If your immune system is weak, repeat this method every 4 hours later.

One of the researches in the University of Virginia found that the ice water increases the production of a vital hormone called Neuropeniferine. This hormone plays an important role in strengthening human immune system.

Other benefits of cold water:

The remaining water improves your mood and eliminates depression. Along with this it prevents clutter, makes the skin refresh. Open sacks through this can be closed.

The spicy water closes the glands in the skin of the head, causing hair to shine and swelling.

If you are swollen in muscles or feet, it also gets away from dumping in ice.